Welcome to Tarasis Enterprises
Tarasis Enterprises is a diverse suite of progressive businesses across several industries including care, support, housing solutions, renewables, construction, charity and community interest. Using the power of business to create a better world; the vision for Tarasis Enterprises is to create holistic solutions that address prevalent social issues including homelessness and healthy aging.
These include:
Celebrating 25 years of care in the community in 2020, is a leading domiciliary care, support services and housing business with a dynamic team of 1,200 operating across 14 regions in Ireland, delivering 1 million hours of care annually to over 60,000 clients and 2,700 crisis beds per night to those who are vulnerable and at risk of homelessness in communities across the country.
Homecare Independent Living (HCIL)
Fabraco is a design-led manufacturing company that creates Modular Building Solutions for several sectors including temporary and permanent accommodation, tourism and multi-purpose personal use - creating
long-term, energy-efficient, sustainable solutions.
iCare Charity
iCare is a registered charity designed to improve the lives of others through simple acts of kindness called 'iCare Wishes'. Since it's inception it has granted close to 400 iCare Wishes for individuals, families across the island of Ireland.
Evolve Women
Evolve is a community interest group to promote and encourage strong female leadership across society.